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Accoya Wins Top Award

Accoya Wins Top Award

At Spittlywood Ltd we are official Accoya partners, as any regular reader of our blog will know the team are more than impressed with the properties of this unique chemically treated wood.

Until this point, we’ve been recommending Accoya as the wood of choice for doors and windows. We always recommend Accoya to any customer that wishes to combine a high-end look with improved Lifespan, Accoya has a 50-year warranty as standard.

In September 2017 at the Build it Awards, Accoya scooped the prestigious top award for Best Cladding Product. This award serves as an official endorsement of the woods unique properties of durability and stability.

A Quote From Accoya

“We are delighted to have collected the Best Cladding award at the renowned Build It Awards,” said Laura Kelly, head of marketing for Accsys Group. “It is an honour to have been recognised amongst fellow industry peers for Accoya’s innovation and superiority within cladding projects.”

“To have been acknowledged and identified for excellence within cladding highlights the importance of quality and sustainability, which homeowners, architects and people within the industry desire.”

At Spittlywood Ltd, we are proud of the fact we are one of the few official Accoya partners in the South East of England. Its safe to say when discussing wood types for outdoor projects Accoya will be high on our list of recommendations.

You can read more about the Award Here