What is Accoya?

Accoya is becoming incredibly popular; we are now using this unrivalled wood in a variety of instances. The product itself is created from a mixture of hard and soft woods it then undergoes a chemical process which modifies the wood.

Accoya is sustainable and may be used in any number of applications the wood is used for both domestic and commercial projects; Accoya is less Likely to succumb to the effects of weathering namely shrinking and warping.

The fact that the wood is highly resistant to mould is another plus this makes Accoya the perfect wood in areas of increased dampness.

Accoya is an acetylated wood; acetylation is a chemical process which serves to change the woods composition essentially this is the action that creates the woods unique qualities the ability to withstand temperature, resist bacteria and stand up to the British weather are all borne of this process. The qualities mentioned above mean Accoya is perfect when used in bespoke wooden windows and doors.

Accoya Door Created By Kent's Official Accoya Partners Spittlywood

The Benefits of Acetylated Accoya Wood

Life Cycle the wood is less prone to warping, which makes Accoya perfect for use in refurbishment and building.

Accoya is immune to rot, including the typical types of rot associated with other woods: Brown, White, and Soft Rot.

The wood is highly stable; this makes Accoya the perfect surface for painted finishes.

When used above ground Accoya boasts a 50-year lifespan when installing underground or in freshwater you can expect a 25-year lifespan both of which far surpass other types of wood.

Are There any Disadvantages?

During our time as an official Accoya partner, we have been unable to come across any tangible disadvantages. As you would expect, Accoya is dearer than standard woods: However, the fact that you can expect a far longer lifespan offsets the additional expenditure and provides far better value.

The product is green with a minimal carbon footprint. Many of our customers live in Kent’s rural areas and have in the past suffered from insect damage the wood itself is impenetrable to woodworm and other biological threats.

We have now used Accoya in a multitude of projects including bespoke windows and doors the results have been excellent to such a point we now recommend Accoya as the wood of choice for outdoor installations.

All Accoya projects come complete with a manufacturer-backed 50-year warranty To discuss your upcoming project and whether Accoya will be suitable feel free to get in touch.

Accoya Door Installation By Spittlywood