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Besoke Wooden Windows Tunbridge Wells

Bespoke Accoya Windows Tunbridge Wells

Bespoke Accoya Windows Tunbridge Wells

Looking for Handmade Windows in Tunbridge Wells? At Spittlywood Ltd we craft Bespoke Wooden Windows using traditional joinery techniques.

The images in this post are bespoke Accoya Box Windows from a recently completed Job in Tunbridge Wells, Accoya is a long lasting chemically treated wood the treatment process gives the wood improved stability and resistance to the elements which in turn leads to a longer life span this makes Accoya the perfect wood for use in outdoor joinery installations. 

Boxed Framed Accoya Window

We are one of a limited number of Accoya partners this substantially sourced and award winning wood comes complete with a 50 year guarantee. To this point we have used Accoya in several window and door installations the wood itself is highly impressive and is now our wood of choice when instructed to complete door or window applications. 

Besoke Wooden Windows Tunbridge Wells

Based in Hamstreet near Ashford Kent, we are ideally placed to provide bespoke wooden windows in the Royal Tunbridge Wells area, and the surrounding villages.

Many finishes can be applied to your new Accoya windows including paint the wood reacts extremely well to the addition of paint the treatment process improves the woods stability meaning painted finishes last for twice as long.

Bespoke Accoya Window In Tunbridge Wells

We are experts in the recreation of period style windows over the years the team has successfully recreated numerous period windows, we have worked on numerous period and grade II listed buildings. 

We use CAD design software to give you an accurate impression of how your new bespoke wooden windows will look when completed this, in turn, enables our clients to be involved with the design process. 

Side View Accoya Window

Based in Tunbridge Wells and need bespoke wooden windows? We work with domestic clients and building companies to produce quality Sash, Tilt and Turn, Up and Over, Casement, and Swing Frame Windows. 

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Considering besp in Tunbridge Wells, Feel free to get in touch and talk to a member of the team today.