Direct Glazed Casement Window

Direct Glazed Casement Window

The team have been busy creating this beautiful casement window.

Our customer wanted the window to allow as much light as humanly possible into their room in this instance and due to this specific requirement, we decided to utilise a seldom-used glazing technique called Direct Glazing.

Direct Glazing is a method of setting the glass directly into the wooden frame the purpose of which is to allow the maximum amount of light possible into the room.

Direct glazing when installed correctly gives an extra dimension to the room and effectively creates the illusion of additional space this method also allows for optimum views.

We opted for Accoya as our customer wanted a painted finish and for the window to last as long as possible, this chemically treated wood is our go-to wood of choice for all external joinery installations due to the fact Accoya has a far longer expected lifespan than the traditional woods used in the production of windows.

The chemical treatment process also changes the stability of the wood, specifically, how it reacts to paint when painted the wood looks excellent and unlike many other surfaces the finish will stay looking great for many years to come.

Even when used in external joinery applications all Accoya installations by Spittlywood Ltd come complete with a manufacturer backed 50 year warranty.

Should you be considering a Joinery project with specific requirements please feel free to get in touch we will endeavour to provide you with a suitable solution.

Direct Glazed Casement Window


Direct Casement Window