Replica Casement Window

Replica Casement Window

Our team can create exact replicas of any existing window 

When replacing windows in an older home, it is essential and in some cases a legal requirement to maintain the looks of your property. This is particularly true when replacing windows or doors in a conservation listed building as the law states your replacement windows or doors will need to be a carbon copy of the original installation.

Over the years the way in which windows are created has changed significantly these days double glazed UPVC Windows have become the norm.

Traditional Materials

Many years ago things were very different, early windows where simple frames often with no glazing! A little chilly on a Winters evening! as windows evolved materials such as wrought iron were used to create the casement element of the window.

Joiners often used a linseed based putty as a sealant Lead was another commonly utilised material and was used to create both decorative lead lights and lead-based paint. 

Older windows were traditionally created in sections this makes repairs relatively simple in the case of listed buildings a repair is the first and most palatable option as it allows for the original look to be maintained, however, from time to time a new window will need to be created

The Spittywood team use traditional joinery techniques to create functional joinery installations in any number of styles or finishes.

Exact Replica Windows

When it comes to listed buildings where possible the team endeavour to repair the window, often this is possible due to the high standard of original timber used. It is entirely feasible and not an uncommon occurrence for the team to repair windows that are up to 250 years old. 

The images below are of an older style casement window in a state of disrepair; our customer contacted us in the hope that we would be able to replicate the original window. As usual, our team duly obliged and set about recreating the window using Hardwood and traditional Lead Light Glazing. 

The result of which is practically indiscernible from the original  

Should you need or wish to have a replica of your homes original windows created feel free to contact us

Period Casment Window Pre Repair

Period Casment Window Pre Repair

Period Casment Window Pre Repair

Period Casment Window Post Repair

Replica Casement Window