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Oak Staircases

At Spittlywood Ltd we craft traditional and contemporary bespoke wooden stairs from a wide variety of timbers.

One of the more popular woods used in the construction of our staircases is Oak, in general, we create Oak Staircases using two main varieties of the wood both of which look great when used in stairs.

We have over the years created numerous classic and contemporary oak staircases throughout Kent, London and the South East

The two types of Oak we typically use are American White Oak and European Oak.

The demand for Oak staircases is huge both types of Oak are a superb choice for stairs as they are hard wearing and look excellent when installed.

Based in Kent and London who wish to achieve the archetypal classic staircase? Oak Staircases should be a consideration

American White Oak.

Native to North America this wood is the stronger and more durable of the two Oak varieties American oak is often used in staircases; the colour of this wood remains constant throughout and can be described as pale yellow-brown to mid-brown, on the odd occasion the wood may have a slight pink tinge.

American White Oak is perfect for staircases as it is relatively easy to machine and cut,

The attractive colouring, innate strength and durability of this wood coupled with the classic yellowy brown hues associated with oak staircases make American White Oak a firm favourite with many of our customers.

European Oak.

The European Oak is found across the northern hemisphere the colour of the wood itself is greyish to yellowy brown; European oak has been used in the UK for 100’s of years.

However, the country of origin can have a mild effect on the colouring of the finished wood dependent the grain will sometimes appear slightly silver.

Many of our customers particularly those in period homes will require European Oak as it is commonplace to find existing original fittings have been completed in European Oak

The grain of this wood is often slightly irregular which can make for attractive patterns and fantastic looking staircases.

Bespoke Oak Staircases Installed Across Kent and The South East

Our area of coverage includes Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London, please take a look at our Modern Staircase or Classic Staircase galleries to see several examples of Oak Staircases designed and installed by our team across Kent and the South East of England.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your upcoming Oak Staircases we will be happy to talk you through the various options available to you, Our area of coverage includes Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London.