Official Accoya® Partners


Official Accoya Partners Kent 

At Spittlywood Ltd we have recently passed a rigorous training programme and are now an Official Accoya® partner.

We are one of only a handful of recognised and registered Accoya® UK partners. Our status allows us to create high-end joinery installations from a wood that is viewed by many as the number one wood available today.

What is Accoya®?

Accoya® is a chemically treated wood the treatment itself is known as Acetylation during the process the woods cellular composition changes.

The process means treated Hardwoods and Softwoods are better able to withstand changes in temperature, resist insects and bacteria, other properties include improved strength and durability along with improved reactions to weathering.

The ultimate for external joinery installations.

Warping and stretching are significantly reduced by as much as 75% when compared to standard woods. External Joinery installations made with Accoya® show no noticeable signs of warping or stretching.

The benefits for our customer’s.

When presented with plans for external joinery installations such as windows, doors, conservatories, orangeries or decking we can now provide our customer with a real choice.

Weather Resistance.
When it comes to weather resistance, Accoya® outperforms all known woods meaning our client’s installation will last a lifetime.

Painted installations.
Due to the Acetylation process, Accoya® reacts to paint like no other wood painted finishes last on average twice as long in comparison to standard woods meaning the gaps between maintenance are much longer.

This makes Accoya® the perfect solution for painted installations internal or external

Environmentally friendly.
The treatment process is 100% no toxic and has no ill effects on the environment all Accoya® installations by Spittlywood are produced with FSC® timber. The system itself is BBA approved.

A perfect wood for our Kent clients.
Accoya® is ideal for rural installations as the treatment makes the wood insect resistant, in coastal locations the improved durability and weather resistance also make the wood a superb choice.

Looking for a long lasting wood?
We are excited to gain our official partner status as we can now provide our customers with a beautiful wood that is considered the gold standard in external Joinery installations.

Looking for the ultimate wood to complete your new project feel free to contact us.

Spittlywood Ltd Accoya Certification