Pas 24: 2016 Windows and Doors

What is the PAS 24: 2016? How can it help me?

PAS stands for Product Assessment Specification. It is produced by BSI (British Standards Institute). This document is used to test and assess the increased security performance requirements for door sets and window types that are designed to resist the attacks experienced in the UK.

It’s a way to show that your property is safer.

Spittlywood Pas 24 2016 Doors Kent

Does Pas24: 2016 apply to me?

All new builds or changes of use require that windows and doors are Pas 24: 2016 certified. This applies to any change in use, such as conversions of Barns.

What will this mean for the style of door or window I want to buy?

While some companies might limit their design options, Spittlywood Ltd can still provide a bespoke design service.

Is Upvc or aluminium better than timber?

No. To be certified, all items must pass the same rigorous testing process. Timber is the best natural insulation available, and will give you a higher thermal rating.

Does Pas 24: 2016 have the same content as Pas 24. 2012?

No! Pas 24: 2012 was a discontinued standard. The Pas 24: 2016 edition has replaced it. Pas 24: 2016 is not a standard that every company will manufacture. Spittlywood Ltd produces Pas 24: 2016 doors and windows to the highest standards.

Do I need Pas24: 2016 to replace my windows and doors with newer ones?

Not at the moment. We can offer beautiful replacement windows and doors that meet your aesthetic requirements and also comply with the new Building Regulations. Your front door would not be left unlocked at night.

Do I require Pas 24: 2016 to build my new home?

Yes. Building Regulations Approved document Q must be followed. Pas 24: 2016 is currently compliant with it. For more information, please visit this link.

Spittlywood Pas 24 2016 Windows Doors Ashford

Before the late 1990s, replacement Windows & Doors that were installed in new homes weren’t necessarily designed to be secure. If a manufacturer claimed they were secure, there wasn’t any independent testing or minimum standards to verify the claim. The homeowner was free to evaluate the claims made by the manufacturer and to add additional security if needed.

Poor ironmongery was used quite often to keep costs low and without much consideration for security. Security was considered to be the problem of the householder, with the builder and designer taking very little or no responsibility. When this became a problem, doors and windows would often be too thin to accommodate suitable locks or glazing.

The British standard institute, together with manufacturers and police, decided to create a series of testing standards for security for doors and windows. This became the Pas 24: 1999 edition.

Many improvements have been made over the years to the testing system in order to raise the security standard and give customers a reliable product that has been fully tested. This is Pas 24: 2016.

Spittlywood Pas 24 2016 Windows Kent
Spittlywood Pas 24 2016 Windows Doors Kent

Why Choose Spittlywood Ltd to Install Pas 24: 2016 Windows?

Spittlywood Ltd offers high-quality Pas 24- 2016 certified windows and doors in a variety of timbers. We are certified to install and manufacture the 2016 edition of this certification, unlike many other companies.

We provide a survey and design service that will allow you to create the home of your dreams.

Come visit our showroom to view examples of our work, and enjoy a cup of tea while discussing your future projects.

Spittlywood Pas 24 2016 Doors Ashford